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Masters of Calm

Чт 20.07. 2017 12:00 - Вс 30.07. 2017 17:00
Auksinė giria, Molėtų raj.
17.00 - 319.00
MASTERS OF CALM summer festival

Once in a year several thousand people gather in the magic abode of the nature, where they spent 10 days living in a dream, fairytale, improvized Land of Magic. In this land the colorful tent city arises, also there is the camp of tipis and wisdom, the trees are decorated with swings and hammocks, and by the lake you can hear lots of joyful laughter, which is never ending.
Here everything is possible. Here the dreams come true immediately, if you ask for it really really sincerely. In this land ‘miracle’ is a daily word.

Here you will experience the adventure of your life and undoubtedly will come back home being different. Here you’ll meet real friends. Maybe even your second half. Or maybe this and another.

Here you will learn and advance by visiting the different lectures and workshops. You will do sports and play. You will dance through the night or just simply sit at the camp fire and sing or create some tribe dance.

You will make your own dreamcatcher or you’ll gather some herbs in the meadows.

You will rest after the city noise.

This year it’s already happening for the 6th time - 2017 July 20-30th.

We wait for everyone - for the ones who have already found their path and for the ones, who are still looking for it. Every journey starts with one step. Let’s do it now!

Musical evening programmes and dances
Individual consultations
Holi festival of colours

+370 673 58 476


Дополнительная информация: http://www.mastersofcalm.lt/

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Мероприятие Дата / Время Место проведения Цена  
Masters of Calm Чт 20.07. 2017 12:00 Auksinė giria, Molėtų raj. 17.00 - 319.00
Полезная информация

К стоимости билета будет применена плата за обслуживание 0.60 € (включая НДС 21%) за каждый билет

Детям (4 - 12 лет)  билет по сниженной цене (на входе необходимо предъявить удостоверяющий документ).

События могут посещать:
без возрастных ограничений
Бесплатный вход: до 3 лет (на входе необходимо предъявить удостоверяющий документ)
Вход на мероприятие: c 11:00

В стоимость билета входит завтрак, обед, ужин, лекции, различные активности, концерты, игры и другие развлечения, кемпинг и парковка.

Место проведения
Auksinė giria, Molėtų rajonas Литва
Všį Arbūzų cukrus
Všį Arbūzų cukrus
Algirdo g. 10-17 Vilnius